In 15 years, Adam has been involved in 21 startups as the founder or primary investor. 

Cyber Security


With over 20 years in the Cyber Security World, Adam has developed a list of accomplishments and accolades.

Global Impact


Adam has been active on the Global Stage as a businessman, a cyber security expert, and as a humanitarian. 




Adam has founded or been the primary investor for 21 startups.

  • 1 Successful Multi Million Dollar Exit
  • 15 Failures (I call this my "Non-Profit" work)
  • 5 still active and under professional management

Organizations and Memberships

Professional Organizations

  • Member - Chief Executive Boards International
  • Founder - Whole Life Entrepreneurship
  • Member - Dynamite Circle
  • Member - Hero Club
  • Member - C-Suite Network
  • Founder - C-Suite Relationship Council 
  • Member - GSATC
  • Member - NEXT CEOs

Startup Accelerator special Advisor, investor, and/or Member

  • Merge Lane
  • Iron Yard
  • CEOs for Cities
  • British Virgin Islands Accelerator

Awards and Accolades

A number of organizations have honored Adam.

  • Greenville Business Magazine top 35 under 35.
  • The Wiley Award for Service
  • Entrepreneur in Residence Clemson MBAe Program (2012 - 2014)
  • Scholar in Residence Clemson Center Corporate learning on Cyber Security and Business (2014 - 2019)

Adam in the News and on Stage

Adam has been featured in a number of articles and papers and has over 30 guests appearances on PODCasts and News Sources.

Adam has given over 100 talks on the topics of Cyber Security, Business Startup, Business Growth, and Psychological Security.

  • TED Talk on Cyber Security and Small Business
  • Keynote for DCBKK in Bangkok for 1200 Entrepreneurs on the 4 stages of business 

Adam as an Advisor

Adam has coached and advised a number of startups and business organizations.

  • American Leprosy Mission
  • Center for Corporate Learning

Consulting and Coaching:

Here are what some of his coaching clients have to say about Adam

Cyber Security



Adam has over 20 years in the cyber security industry working on projects ranging from Y2K in 1999 to building out the identity and access management platforms for the US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, and IBM.

Organizations and Memberships

Founder: Chief Security Executives

Member: ISSA

Member: BSides

Member: Infragard

Founder and Member: Cyber Masterminds

Awards and Accolades

Adam has published 5 books covering the following topics Business, Cyber Security, and Emotional Intelligence. 

Adam in the News

Adam has been a guest on over 30 PODCasts and has given 100s of talks on Cyber Security.  The largest for an audience of 10,000 cyber security professionals on the importance of Psychological Safety to combat Psychological Warfare and Social Engineering.

Adam on the Stage

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Adam as an Advisor

Adam fills a number or roles as an advisor on the big picture of Cyber Security.

  • Special Advisor on Cyber Security for former Prime Minister of Bhutan, Tshering Tobgay.
  • Special Advisor on Cyber Security and Managed Services for the British Virgin Islands
  • Special Advisor on Cyber Security for over 100 Chief Executive Officers
  • Special Advisor on Cyber Security for the Global Cyber Crime Jurisdiction Initiative

Global Impact


Adam's Efforts

While some people are programed to have an impact locally to where they live, Adam was raised as a global citizen and has his heart open for the Globe.

Adam has visited a number of countries and participated in disaster relief ranging from the earthquakes in Hattie to hurricanes in the BVI.  His primary mission is to help foster a sense of hope through the rebuilding of economic systems and the launching of new initiatives to support local business owners.

Adam is focused on Global Impact for this season of his life.  It is his goal to take what he has learned in business and cyber security and help create new economic growth and prosperity for other countries who are just starting their digital transformation.

Organizations and Memberships

While not officially a part of any international impact organizations, Adam models his work after those who have come before.  He has based his investment fund, The Ansuz Group, on those values and beliefs.