The Ansuz Group Fund

After spending a week on Necker Island with a group of amazing people, Adam and Kerry Anderson decided to set up a fund to help seed startups and ventures that embodied the values of Virgin Unite's B-TEAM and Bhutan's GNH (Gross National Happiness) for Business.

The Ansuz Group Fund invests in Cyber Security, Business Growth, and Entrepreneurial Health companies that are focused on Psychology and Behavioral Science.  We are not interested in the latest new tech or business management fad.  We are interested in fostering companies that address self awareness, emotional intelligence, servant leadership, and conflict resolution in the workplace and at home.

The goal of the Ansuz Group Fund is to launch 1000 high growth and high impact companies (STAR Companies) that embody the triple bottom line:  Profit, People, and Planet

PLACE 1000 Stars for the Virgin Unite CONSTELLATION

Virgin Unite Constellation


The Ansuz Group Fund is in no way connected with Virgin Unite or the Virgin Group.  Rather, the Ansuz Group Fund was inspired by the life changing experience the founders, Adam and Kerry Anderson, experienced while at the 2019 Virgin Unite Courageous Conversations Conference on Necker Island. 

Finding Your Why


The Conference challenged it's attendees to dig deeper and find the "Why" behind the what.   

Adam and Kerry left with the conviction that they had discovered a better way to do business. Adam's "Why" became to "Change the world by building 1000 world changing businesses.".

Changing Your Perspective


President Santos of Columbia taught the group that in order to change the world you had to start with your beliefs and the words you use.  

You must invison the world you want to see and then believe that it can be.  The clearer you are on your "Port of destination" the easier it is for the world to line up and help get you there.

Unconditional Love


Martin Luther King III taught that love is the answer.  Adam asked "How can you open yourself to love everyone when that also brings so much pain?"  His response was talk about Agape, or love for everyone.  Through this kind of love and by building a firm self-awareness and identity, you can love in the face of those who don't love you.

Gross National Happiness


Former Prime Minister of Bhutan, Tshering Tobgay introduced Adam to the concept of Gross National Happiness as it applies to business.  Each Ansuz Group Fund Star Company  is proud to adopt this as one of the key KPIs it reports on.

Success without Sacrifice


Adam was lucky enough to have a chat about family while growing empires with Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group.   That chat inspired Adam and Kerry to help Entrepreneurs and their Families.  

Kerry and Adam believe that Business Success without also experience Success in life is an empty thing.



Hala taught us that how we are doing business now is unsustainable.  Brave industry leaders are changing this by adopting the B Team pledge and values.  Then Ansuz Group Fund and it's 1000 Star Companies will demonstrate that these values are not just good for the world, but they are good for Business.

Courage to do what's right


Karl taught us that the stories the world has been telling about us don't necessarily have to be our stories.  That their truth doesn't need to be our truth.  Real power comes from vulnerability, self-awareness, and the willingness to have the courage and integrity to your convictions.

Values and Mission


The Ansuz Group Fund believes that all companies can have a significant and positive impact on the world if the leadership is conscious.  By adopting the values of the B Team and GNH, Ansuz Fund Companies will provide massive returns to their shareholders and even larger returns to the world.