Frequently Asked Questions


Will you run my company for me?

Nope.  I help you clarify a vision of the future, build a plan that you can execute, and help share that vision with your company.  I've done the CEO thing long enough, don't want that job again thank you very much.

Are you a coach?

Nope.  There are a ton of great business coaches out there.  You should totally work with one over the years to help guide your journey and grow your company.  I come in when it's time for a major decision, problem, or opportunity that you want someone else to help think through.  I will do the "Every other week" call thing for a while but the goal is to define the vision, get everyone going in the same direction, and then let your business coach help you execute over the long term.

What does an engagement with you look like?

It all starts with a discovery call.  You are great.  I'm great.  But if there isn't a fit for my gifts and your needs then we are both wasting our time.

If there is a fit, what's next?

That's up to you.  Everyone comes to this differently.  I've had success doing things 100% remote over video calls as well as doing 3 day intensive workshops.  The trick is to understand how you tap into your own creative spirit and how you become comfortable leveling up your vision.

This sounds expensive. How do you charge me?

I'm pricing my service to be within the same ballpark as most professional services a 2MM to 5MM company will be buying.  The work I'm most interested in doing is low hour / high value stuff so my pricing is set up to incentivise short term commitments or deep dive creative retreats.

How do I make sure that what we come up with shows up in my business?

I get it.  That is the major problem with this vision work.  Let me share something real quick.

I have a hobby.  I like to spend 25k on marketing plans that I never execute.  Why do I say I like this?  It's because I have a track record of bringing in a super smart marketing person who helps me build an amazing plan and then never allocate the budget or the time to make that marketing plan work.  I've done this 3 times over the last 10 years.

Vision work is a lot of the same thing.  Before you deploy 25k to 50k with me for a vision and planning package, we need to ask the hard questions about what comes next.

I work with a number of partners who can execute just about anything we come up with.  Typically what happens is I hand you off to someone I trust who has a track record doing what needs to be done.